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The Political Unsustainability of New York City

Much has been made of how New York City offers a sustainable model for “Blue” cities, by stealth ethnic cleansing of Blacks (who have a much higher rate of violence) and Rudy Guiliani era stop-and-frisk policies that caused thousands to … Continue reading

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This is Not 1979

Obama’s weak, Carter-like response to the entirely predictable, AQ-led ransacking of our Cairo Embassy, and the murders by an AQ-led Libyan mob in Benghazi of our Ambassador to that nation, the US Chief Information Officer, and two Marines would lead … Continue reading

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Unaffordable Family Formation

Regular readers of Steve Sailer know his “affordable family formation” theory very well. Which amounts to Whites having kids when they can afford them. When land is cheap, suburbs all around, and the cost of living is relatively low. But … Continue reading

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The Power and the Vulnerability of the West

The standard narrative by most commentators looking at Western vs. non-Western conflicts is either Steyn-ian demographic doom or Sailer-esque insouciance. Sailer wrote on the 20th Anniversary of the “Highway of Death” and the Western air dominance over Libya, asserting that … Continue reading

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Demographics in Action: Alexandra Wallace Leaves UCLA

As part of demographics in action, Junior Alexandra Wallace has left UCLA. According to the NY Daily News, this was due to a torrent of death threats against her and her family. On Monday, the student newspaper reported she contacted … Continue reading

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TV Gets Older As It Runs Out of Young People

The Wall Street Journal reports that broadcast TV is getting older. Well, of course. TV ran out of (White) young people. As America becomes a bifurcated nation, one of aging Whites with money, and young mostly Spanish speaking Hispanics without … Continue reading

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When Will Hollywood Turn on Diversity?

Hollywood is a weird place. It celebrates “diversity” yet its people live as far away from Black and Hispanic people as possible. No place on earth is Whiter than Malibu. And as much as Hollywood hates ordinary White people, they … Continue reading

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Yes Way Out: Survivor Economics

Recently, Veronique De Rugy at National Review Online noted that Bill Gross of Pimco (who recently dumped all holdings of US Government debt) believes that there is no way out for US deficit spending. The amount of money needed to … Continue reading

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Hispanics Surge in California: Whites Flee

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal reflects the reality of White ethnic cleansing in California. Whites went from over 80% of the population in California in 1960, to 40.1% in 2010. Over fifty years, Whites have been effectively … Continue reading

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Why 2011 is not 1995

The April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing is thought by many Liberals and the Media (the two are interchangeable, for all practical purposes) to mark the beginning of President Clinton’s comeback after Republicans retook the House in the 1994 midterm … Continue reading

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