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Comcast and Time Warner: The Big Squeeze Begins

Consolidating industries are usually a mark of stress. The Defense industry is notorious for it, trying to reduce competition and cut costs through economies of scale (and screwing over the government customers). The abortive tie-up, since abandoned, of EADS and … Continue reading

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The Fall of the Colors of Benetton

The Financial Times reports that Italian fashion house Benetton will be going private, amidst a spectacular failure of its latest shock advertising campaign. Investors are not particularly enthused about the once high-flying fashion house, and the shock advertising campaigns have … Continue reading

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Something Rotten in Montana’s … Football Program … and others

The University of Montana is in the news, and not in a good way. The Wall Street Journal reports that the university fired its Football Coach (after he won coaching honors) and Athletic Director. The reason? An epidemic of sexual … Continue reading

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Boycott the Boycotters: the Culture War

For Liberals, everything is the political. Even the personal. In a an attack ginned up by the Obama Administration, the culture war over Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh has resulted in over 140 companies currently pulling advertising on the Rush … Continue reading

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Why Roissy is Right

A Daily Mail story about erotic fiction stimulating wealthy New York Housewives shows how Roissy is right. Recently, Roissy noted that women desire to dominated. Which is by the way, a luxury good. Domination and control was not possible in … Continue reading

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Why America is Weak: All About Violence

CBS News recently ran a story on an anti-bullying crusader. Former Hollywood publicist Jodee Blanco travels around the country lecturing school kids on how to stop bullying. By caring. A lot: “Bullying is about kids needing compassion and my perspective … Continue reading

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Germans Are Weird, Part 5,699 as the EU Collapses

Recently, Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder posed for a Carnival Themed TV Show Friday, in full punk-rock regalia. His t-shirt reads “Hast Du mal nen Euro?” or “Do you have a Euro?” Click on the link to see more pictures, … Continue reading

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