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Comcast and Time Warner: The Big Squeeze Begins

Consolidating industries are usually a mark of stress. The Defense industry is notorious for it, trying to reduce competition and cut costs through economies of scale (and screwing over the government customers). The abortive tie-up, since abandoned, of EADS and … Continue reading

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The Fall of the Colors of Benetton

The Financial Times reports that Italian fashion house Benetton will be going private, amidst a spectacular failure of its latest shock advertising campaign. Investors are not particularly enthused about the once high-flying fashion house, and the shock advertising campaigns have … Continue reading

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Something Rotten in Montana’s … Football Program … and others

The University of Montana is in the news, and not in a good way. The Wall Street Journal reports that the university fired its Football Coach (after he won coaching honors) and Athletic Director. The reason? An epidemic of sexual … Continue reading

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Boycott the Boycotters: the Culture War

For Liberals, everything is the political. Even the personal. In a an attack ginned up by the Obama Administration, the culture war over Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh has resulted in over 140 companies currently pulling advertising on the Rush … Continue reading

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Why Roissy is Right

A Daily Mail story about erotic fiction stimulating wealthy New York Housewives shows how Roissy is right. Recently, Roissy noted that women desire to dominated. Which is by the way, a luxury good. Domination and control was not possible in … Continue reading

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Why America is Weak: All About Violence

CBS News recently ran a story on an anti-bullying crusader. Former Hollywood publicist Jodee Blanco travels around the country lecturing school kids on how to stop bullying. By caring. A lot: “Bullying is about kids needing compassion and my perspective … Continue reading

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Germans Are Weird, Part 5,699 as the EU Collapses

Recently, Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder posed for a Carnival Themed TV Show Friday, in full punk-rock regalia. His t-shirt reads “Hast Du mal nen Euro?” or “Do you have a Euro?” Click on the link to see more pictures, … Continue reading

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Best Free Fonts

For a lighter change of pace, check out the best Free Fonts available on the Web. I’ve tried them with good results. The prior post was written in Vollkorn, from Friedrich Althausen and it is simply beautiful. Containing pretty much … Continue reading

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Reconsidering Sexual Repression

Science Fiction Author and Blogger Eric S. Raymond has a post up on Reconsidering Sexual Repression. Basically his point is that we will likely have to give up two of the following three things: family formation, sexual equality (women equal … Continue reading

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Mr. EBT and the Death of the Welfare State

One of the most fascinating things about the internet is how it collapses different cultures, events, and people into an “endless now” entirely outside the mainstream media’s attempt to edit and control the news that people receive. The video on … Continue reading

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