Donald Trump Should Be the Black Voter’s Choice

Lee Kwan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore who ran it for decades, once said that,“In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” Truer words were never spoken. Blacks SHOULD vote for Donald Trump. But they do not, preferring the empty high of making Whitey grovel despite the long-term costs.

Donald Trump supports Affirmative Action. He also proposes to build a giant wall with Mexico, and deport 11 million Illegal Aliens. All of these are good for Black people. Black people have save the tiny few rich celebrities, two things to their name. The first is American Citizenship and thus a call on social spending: Welfare, Social Security, Government Pensions, and the like. The second is Affirmative Action. Both are profoundly threatened by mass Third World Immigration. Social Spending threatens to spiral out of control, with hundreds of millions of Third Worlders moving to the US directly or through family reunification and birth rates. Massive social spending on new arrivals from the Third World means no pensions for Black workers, welfare reduced to a bare survival rate if that for the ghetto, and no Affirmative Action as Blacks are crowded out by nepotistic networks that exclude them and favor their own.

Moreover, massive Third World immigration has already cleansed much of Black California. Los Angeles has gotten far more Latino, but far less Black. Even Compton has gone from the home of West Coast Rap to being majority or close to it, Latino. This as the city has grown in population from 1990. Already gentrification of places like Leimert Park has begun, as Latinos push out Blacks and then Whites move in by buying up properties and raising rental/usage rates.

Unemployment among Black ex-cons is a major problem, given the extensive amount of ex-cons among Black people in the urban underclass. Removing 11 million illegal aliens would set off a hiring frenzy, and even ex-cons could get hired in a massive labor shortage. Even better for Black people, Donald Trump proposes this in concert with protective tariffs, making foreign and domestic companies like Apple or Huwai manufacture smart phones in the US. Increasing employment here and yes, being good, very good, for Black people.

Trump is so insanely good for Black people it is a wonder most are not out volunteering for him. The question is why?

The answer is found in Black Lives Matter. What motivates Black Lives Matter is the ability to come into White places and make Whites afraid and cower, grovel, and bow down. It is the cheap street theater that Black people have been hooked on like political crack since the Civil Rights Movement. Black people getting shot by the police is not a significant problem — far more Black people have killed each other in arguments at Fried Chicken places than have been shot by the police. Illegitimacy is over 90% at the urban core, and among Blacks nationally it is an appalling 70%+.

Black people have been offered, and eagerly taken, the ability to make Whites of any age, sex, background, social status, etc. bow down and grovel. That’s it. That’s all Blacks get out of the Sailer Hi-Low team up. No money, diminishing AA, diminishing social services, diminishing neighborhoods, all a feature not a bug of the political deal where Blacks vote for Democrats and get the ability to make Whitey grovel and bow.

And that will never change. Contra Steve Sailer, there is no KKKrazy Glue keeping the disparate alliance of Blacks, Latinos, Gays, White women, Muslims, etc. together. They all HATE HATE HATE White men. Particularly for White women, beta maleWs. Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims etc. hate White men (and Whites save relatively attractive White women) because Whites went to the moon while Blacks invented Purple Drank. Muslims hate Whites because we went to the moon while Muslims invented the suicide donkey. White women hate hate hate beta males for the lack of sexy dominance. Making them the only group with a different reason for hate. Or hate hate hate.

This hate is familiar to any student of Amy Chua’s “World On Fire,” the study of market-dominant minorities and their hate by those who fail. The Chinese Diaspora, Jews, Lebanese expatriates in West Africa, etc. All hated by the majority. Now, the non-Whites are not majority (yet) in most places in the US. But they are failures, and even when granted all the possible aid like Syed Farook or the Chechen Bomb Brothers Tsarnaev, all they can do is kill various people for jihad. Or in the case of places like Ferguson, riot and burn things down. No Black community has launched anything like a Facebook, or a Twitter, or even a Linux distribution that attracted attention and praise. Despite the internet not knowing or caring about skin color. Which is a non-issue through a remote web browser using a service.

Whites will always be hated by and large, by non-Whites. For their very achievement. Trump should not bother with non-Whites, save his statements that he hopes to get significant numbers of their votes (to get fence-sitting social-proof/status-signaling Whites to hop on board). Those in the various elites like say, National Review’s Kevin Williamson also hate hate hate Working Class Whites. By their view, one formed by the massive female influence among their feminized SuperZip environment, Working Class Whites should have been born very talented or handsome to escape the dysfunction of working class towns. The idea that the nation owes them something for their ancestor’s military service and sacrifice is simply not done, Muffy. Too gauche.

For better or worse, Lee Kwan Yew was right. Trump should embrace that truth and strive for over 75% of the White vote.

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