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Why Himmmm Is Not Hollywood’s Biggest Threat

Lefty gossip site Jezebel, but I repeat myself, is alleging that Robert Downey Jr. is a secret poster on some Hollywood blog Crazy Days and Crazy Nights, spilling the beans on Hollywood’s sordid secrets. Alleging among other tidbits that the … Continue reading

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More TV Execs Not Getting It

The Financial Times has covered both the Jeff Zucker firing from NBC (totally expected) and the recent Goldman Sachs TV conference. In both cases, you have undeniable proof that TV execs just don’t get it. They believe that their content … Continue reading

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Too Many White Folks on TV

Author and LA Times Entertainment writer Mary McNamara wrote in her review of the NBC-TV show “Undercovers” that there are too many White people on TV. This attitude is common, among the entertainment business. You find it all the time … Continue reading

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Call Girl TV and Cultural Change

We live in a very feminized world. This is primarily due to marketing, as consumerism dominates most of our culture. Marketers believe (young) women both form brand preferences for life early, and make most lifetime purchasing decisions. Thus the constant, … Continue reading

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