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Obama, Gun Control, and the Russian Winter

Two imperial dreams died in Russia, Napoleon’s and Hitler’s. Another dream, of stopping and dismantling the Roman Republic, died in Italy, not by the brilliance of generals, but by scorched earth tactics. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, … Continue reading

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Why Gun Bans Fail

Why do gun bans fail, all the time? Save Japan? The answer is simple human nature. Guns are very useful objects, and people want them. There is a global supply of guns, and gun manufacturers globally, including Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, … Continue reading

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America’s Gun Culture and Anarcho Tyranny

The late Sam Francis defined anarcho-tyranny as the State punishing and micro-managing in a tyrannical way, the life of ordinary (White) middle and working class people, while enabling the anarchy of violent, dangerous criminals (often though not exclusively Black and … Continue reading

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Yoko Ono Explains Obama’s Policy

Our Country is in the very best of hands. Really. Will it be Yoko succeeding Hillary as Secretary of State? Why not?

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Jonathon Last Reads Steve Sailer, Plus James Burke’s Predictions

What do James Burke, from the old PBS series “Connections” and Jonathon Last of the Weekly Standard, have in common? They are both looking at the “trap” of technology that the entire modern world has found itself in: Jonathon Last … Continue reading

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Fall Television Review 2012

As the new year fast approaches, it is time to review the Fall TV season for 2012. As noted by many, politics is not just politics, but well, culture. And there are some good and bad things to note in … Continue reading

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