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The Fall of the Colors of Benetton

The Financial Times reports that Italian fashion house Benetton will be going private, amidst a spectacular failure of its latest shock advertising campaign. Investors are not particularly enthused about the once high-flying fashion house, and the shock advertising campaigns have … Continue reading

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War of the Dogs: Romney is not McCain

Mitt Romney is not John McCain. That is something that Obama and company discovered in the “War of the Dogs.” Obama has used the fact that Romney, loading five kids, himself, and his wife in a station wagon, put the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Strength and Derbyshire’s Problem: America is a Hard Left Nation

No question about it, America is a hard left nation. Slashdot has a post on how Derbyshire got fired, and a particular response in the comments epitomizes why Obama is electorally strong (if you believe the polls) and why Derbyshire … Continue reading

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Something Rotten in Montana’s … Football Program … and others

The University of Montana is in the news, and not in a good way. The Wall Street Journal reports that the university fired its Football Coach (after he won coaching honors) and Athletic Director. The reason? An epidemic of sexual … Continue reading

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The Return of Cash

Recently, the Financial Times ran an article predicting the “end of cash” and the rise of mobile payments with smartphones. Certainly as the article makes clear, this will benefit the poor in the Third World, as they now get access … Continue reading

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Boycott National Review … And Rich Lowry

America is a hard-left nation. No question. A Black radical President, gay marriage, and gays in the military make that hard to argue. As does the billion dollars or so Oprah has made, along with her own cable network, and … Continue reading

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