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Nike vs. the Urban League

There is no shame in America. Not any more. Failed Mayor of New Orleans and National Urban League President Marc Morial is calling upon Nike to cancel sales of the LeBron James X sneakers. The reason: young Black men will … Continue reading

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Why It Won’t Be A Chinese Century

Sometimes, buried in the Financial Times Analysis stories one finds gems of business intelligence. The Financial Times, despite total liberal-elite cluelessness about America and anything outside the elite experience culturally and politically, remains the go-to newspaper for business news, as … Continue reading

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Disney, Marvel, Ike Perlmutter, and the Return of Otto von Bismarck

A recent article at the Financial Times about Disney’s Ike Perlmutter, the enormous amounts of money he makes for Disney, and the tremendous culture clash he has created got me thinking about Otto von Bismarck. Much of what went wrong … Continue reading

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Will Obama Stage a Self-Coup?

Barack Obama is unlike any other President. As the American Thinker points out, Obama’s main desire is to get approval from Chicago’s Black Ascendancy. He does not care much about anything else. And only listens to his harridan wife, and … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan and Stealth White Identity Politics

One of the most remarkable things in politics has been the growth of Libertarianism as essentially, stealth White identity politics. Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan has increased his chance of success, because the Ryan pick plays out Steve Sailer’s … Continue reading

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Standard Chartered and the Fall of the West

Standard Chartered Bank, based in London, has been charged with laundering $250 billion of transactions for Iran, in violation of US and NY State law. The NY State Dept of Financial Services is quoted as saying: The New York State … Continue reading

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Has Apple Reached Its Inflection Point?

Recently, the Financial Times ran an article questioning Apple’s performance in emerging markets (basically Asia ex-Japan, Africa and the Middle East). While the bulk of Apple’s revenue comes from the US/North America, Europe, and Japan, they are mature markets where … Continue reading

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