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Obama’s Military Cuts: Stupid or Hate America?

With Barack Obama, it is always a question of stupidity being the main motivator, or the usual “Hate America” found in liberal, Black, and other circles. The man after all bragged he hung around gays, Muslims, Black radicals, feminists, and … Continue reading

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The Failure of American Power

Steve Sailer has written on the 20th anniversary of the Highway of Death, and the awesome power of American air power. Which is undeniably potent. But also an undeniable failure, in achieving American national security goals. Obama’s war but not … Continue reading

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The New Imperialism?

Contrary to popular notions, the world does not run on rainbows, unicorns, and skittles. Modern industrial economies need in particular, oil and gas and coal. With the earthquake in Japan turning Western nations against nuclear power (because of perceived risk), … Continue reading

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Oil Prices Enter the Danger Zone

The Financial Times has a scary article detailing how oil prices are entering the Danger Zone. As the graphic shows, OECD countries are shifting from an average of around 1.4% of GDP for the US (oil import expenditure), 1.0% of … Continue reading

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Red Harvest: Putin’s Plan for Russia

A recent article by the pseudonymous columnist “Spengler” at the Asian Times has provoked a lot of discussion. Briefly, Spengler points out that Putin plans to address the catastrophic demographic decline of Russia (abortions outnumber births, younger people of reproductive … Continue reading

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Russia’s War on Georgia: It’s Not the Cold War, It’s Worse

Russia’s war with Georgia would seem to return to the Cold War days. That’s a fundamental misreading of the situation. While the Cold War featured the United States and the USSR facing off over world wide alliances and a divided … Continue reading

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