Obama Balco

During Mark McGwire’s record setting 70 home run season of 1998, it was easy to see something was wrong. His prior season high record was 49 in his rookie year at age 23, whereafter he hit 32, 33, 39, 22, 42 (at age 28), 9, 9, 39 (at age 31), 52 (at age 32), 58 (at age 33), and 70 at age 34. He then hit 65, 35, and 32 home runs at age 35, 36, and 37 respectively. Never in the history of Baseball had players exceeded their 20’s highs by 43%. Indeed, a ball player’s peak years are ages 24-28, and thereafter decline is fairly rapid and steep. Unless they use steroids.

Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Jose Canseco, Jason Giambi, and many others were all named in the Mitchell Report, years later, for using steroids. But it was obvious to the casual observer, on the internet, in news groups and on the web, in the mid to late 1990’s, that a lot of players, particularly McGwire, were using steroids. Huge, watermelon heads. The “backne” or acne on the back. Sudden domestic violence arrests. Sudden transformation of physiques. Any man in his thirties or older undergoing serious weight training knows you don’t build a physique like that without chemical help. You can put in all the work in the weight room possible, but without chemical assistance you can’t transform your body to that degree.

The same is true for Obama. Sure, I’d believe a very heavy, Black/Hispanic turnout could give him a victory over Romney. But … record Romney crowds and a quarter of the people attending Obama’s rallies in the same places as four years ago? Or polls showing a slight Romney lead in both swing states and nationally, with a Democrat plus six weighting? When 2010 had basically even party turnout? Or Obama being the first President EVER re-elected with a lower turnout and percentage of the vote than his election? Or Obama being the first Democrat elected with a lower turnout (nearly 20 million fewer voters) than the prior election? Or Obama being the first President re-elected with unemployment over 7% since FDR? Or Obama winning re-election with only 38% of White voters, down from 43% in 2008, in a 75% White turn-out (remember lower turnouts are more White).

Or Obama getting 303 electoral votes … but the Republicans holding onto the house? Or Romney doing better than McCain in every demo group but Hispanics, and there doing only 2% worse, while Hispanic turnout was LOWER than in 2008?

That’s like asking me to believe that McGwire hit his record home runs clean.

So what were Obama’s steroids?

In my view, both massive ballot stuffing, and massive vote hacking of electronic machines to erase Republican votes. This is not anything you can find elsewhere, by the way. Like analysis of McGwire, Canseco, Bonds, etc. its all over the internet. Its everywhere.

Voting machines are not very secure. Most are built on Windows and are thus laden with well known bugs. They have to be connected to a local lan inside County Registrar offices, for configuration and setup before they’re shipped out to polling places. And County Registrars for the most part spend very little on security. If TJ Maxx and Marshalls can have 48 million credit cards hacked from their systems, or Office Max, Barnes and Noble, Dave and Busters, and the Sports Authority can have their credit card records hacked, it is not that hard to compromise County systems with poor security and not much revenue to protect systems.

Voting has been on the honor system. Since the move to the suburbs, most White Americans trust voting, as there has not been widespread fraud (mostly) until now. John Kerry, Michael Dukakis, Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter, and Al Gore did not engage in widespread fraud. Certainly not vote-erasing, made possible with the same people, probably, dedicated to hacking your credit or debit card data out of major corporations. [Most of which never disclose being compromised for fear of bad publicity.]

It costs, somewhere around $25 to $50 to get a “Street Voter” to vote illegally. ACORN and organizations like them no doubt were busy creating phony registrations, and in some cases not even that (provisional ballot voting in Dem-run Counties allows massive voting fraud through ballot stuffing). At any rate, spend $50 and you can certainly find a street person willing to vote illegally. Its a very low risk of prosecution, since its almost never done. And certainly never with Black or Hispanic defendants, part of America’s racial spoils justice system.

If one figures Obama needed to erase, say 3 million Romney votes from selected counties, he could have done so easily by hiring any number of Eastern European, or Russian based hackers. Cost in cash would have been likely trivial, less than one million dollars. It would not have been particularly difficult or demanding for hackers based in Ukraine, or Romania, or Russia to have done this. Already they run a thriving trade in “dumps” — credit and debit card numbers, PIN numbers, names, and so on. They don’t clone the credit cards, they sell to various syndicates who do that as an organized business. Which then use the cards to make cash withdrawals (“mules” are used for this) or purchases (again “mules.”) It has been estimated that about half or more of goods sold on Craigslist and Ebay are purchased in this manner. Amazon through its Marketplace partners is accused of facilitating this as well.

Creating the 4 million votes needed would have been more expensive, old school ways generally are. But consider that 4 million times $25 would amount to $100 million, and $50 million a vote would amount to $200 million, that’s definitely not a stretch for a campaign that raised over $1 billion. Privately. Indeed that sort of expenditure matched the weird burn rate of cash no one could figure out in the Obama campaign quarterly reports. Offices set up places like South Dakota, where Obama had no chance, and a “heavy” use of paid staff which no one could find. Very likely, the money went to something like that.

Of course, you’d need some generals for that street army of street voters. Say, one general to every 100 street voters. And lets assume each street voter only votes five times. That’s a total of 80,000 street voters, making on the high end $250 each. You’d need about 800 generals, maybe they might demand say, $20,000 for a more inherently risky position. That’s about $16 million. So on the high end, you’d pay $216 million for 4 million votes, and on the low end, about $116 million.

That’s basically how Obama won. A genuine Obama victory, would have increased turnout (for population growth) over 2008, with Romney doing worse than McCain in every demo including Whites. A genuine victory would have erased Republicans from the House and made Pelosi Speaker. Again. This is BALCO all over again. Just in the Presidential Election.

Again, this is nothing new. You can find hundreds of sites showing the same basic math. A mere $216 million or so, not counting hacking costs to erase Republican votes, can get you the election.

What is the outcome?

Well, for Baseball, a sport built on tradition and trust, it never recovered. Everyone knows its merely a matter of the most clever evasion of drug testing, see 2011 National League MVP Ryan Braun.

For politics, well pretty much every ordinary Republican voter knows that this is exactly what happened. The Media will try to erase it, throw a rug over it, as they did with steroids in baseball, Lance Armstrong (if you believe the case against him), Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the pathetic response to Sandy (no water or generators pre-positioned). But just as anyone who wanted REAL Baseball news went online in the 1990s, where the analysis of who was juicing and who was not, was compelling … well the same is true now.

Obama lost. But cheated.

And the fallout is likely to be extremely damaging. Any rational Republican candidate (and voter, or interest group) must know that to win, you must “steroid better than the competition.” This means not getting caught, and knowing the media plays favorites (see Woods, Tiger). But as long as you don’t get caught, not a problem. Hire lots of street people, and pay them only HALF until your candidate wins. Hack voting machines through Russian or Eastern European hackers, for cash, and do so early and often.

Indeed, outside groups like Republican ACORNS are sure to spring up. Why not? Just as constant hacking and scams and attacks on credit cards and debit cards (suggested reading, “Dark Market” by Misha Glenny and “Kingpin” by Kevin Poulsen) are sure to eventually spawn a consumer revolt in favor of cash, so too will Obama’s Chicago model of national vote fraud, not seen since JFK, spawn copy cats. We were only spared that fate in 1964 by the intervention of Lee Harvey Oswald, and the bad campaign of Barry Goldwater. Since that time, both parties have observed (mostly) a truce on cheating. Because the consequences are so bad.

Well, two can play at that game. Conservative billionaires, foreign interest groups (why Israel did not try this I don’t know), any and all comers will flock to a game known to be easily rigged, as long as you don’t get caught. And its hard to get caught if you are careful.

I am quite sure in ten years time, someone needing money will write a book all about how he helped Obama steal the election. Obama knows this too, but doesn’t care. He figures it won’t matter anway. He’s right.

In 2014, I expect a massive campaign of mutual fraud, by Democrats on the one side, and outside groups on the other, to put their own Senatorial candidates into office. Since its merely a matter of money, well there is an unlimited amount of money seeking to influence the Senate (and thus any check on Obama) one way or another.

Essentially, America as we know it is over. Sold to the highest bidder. And like all virtue, once a whore, never a virgin.

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  1. Cl;ose the links at the right place please. Thank you.

  2. Clarence says:


    I think this lady is spot-on, and you are wrong, as usual this year.
    I mean, seriously…Obama is gonna cancel the election – oops! He didn’t so that means he must have stolen it?
    You read Sailor and are aware of the larger gender and racial issues the manosphere often writes and you can’t accept the demographic trends that doomed the Republican in this race?

  3. Fixed the bad closing link.

    ORCA was hacked. That’s why it crashed. Duh. Do you imagine a bunch of dweeby guys who never ran a political race before and have the average age of 25 know more about turning out voters than the guys who got GWB re-elected in 2004? Amidst a big Republican turnout?

    I’ve seen the Obama people, there’s not a guy among their IT operation that has had experience in turning out large amounts of voters. Axelrod, Plouffe, all come out of Chicago. They’ve never run a national race before 2008.

    Polls showed consistently a slight ROMNEY lead, right up until the election. Exit polls had Romney taking MORE of every key demo. Each sides internal polls leaked out, which is why nearly everyone was predicting a Romney victory. By contrast, everyone knew McCain was a loser.

    Suddenly, the guys who turned out Republicans massively a mere eight years ago can’t shoot strait? And undecideds who have ALWAYS swung at the last minute (ever since modern polling measured them) against the incumbent BREAK for Obama? Oh really?

    Can you tell me in a voting turnout that was 75% White, with ten million fewer voters for Obama, how that guy won? Really? When Romney and the best pollsters money could buy were sure of a win? After all, Romney is the numbers guy.

    Yeah, its out of the question that a guy from Chicago, known for corrupt politics, would stuff ballots. That’s why he did not need to cancel the election. He went with stuffing them.

    Forgot to add — I can believe Obama winning with a higher turnout on his base. He had lower turnout. I can believe Obama winning, with very few undecideds. Since they never broke ever for incumbents before. I can believe Obama winning with internal and national polls showing a fairly decisive edge. Not a ROMNEY edge. And I can believe an Obama victory with so many tossup states but not ALL TOSSUPS going his way. That’s not statistically possible any more than 70 home runs in your thirties are.

    • fakeemail says:

      I’d like to believe what you say is true, Whiskey. I really would. But I just don’t know any more. What more, no one can prove it.

      But it just seems that the expert pollsters just didn’t fully understand the demographic shift of this country. That blacks and hispanics would come out even stronger this time around because they sensed that this was whiteys last stand.

      I’m not saying cheating didn’t happen. I’m sure it did. Democrats *always* cheat. But I fear they cheated AND they won with the electorate being what it is.

      Who knows? Remember, Obama played b-ball the last day of the campaign while “loser beta” Romney was still out campaigning like a chump trying to get more votes without understanding that it would be Obama who would do the counting.

    • Since Obama’s vote total was 8 million less than in 2008, it looks like an effort to steal the election would concentrate on messing with Republican votes rather than getting more for Obama via “penny ante vote-5-times” street people. If there was a lot of that his vote total would be more, not less. Thus it looks like the crucial thing was voting machines were hacked and Republican votes were changed to democratic ones.

      Now, if you were going to do this, I think the best way would be to subvert an employee at the manufacturer of the vote machines to leave a back door that could manipulated by hackers. How many companies make voting machines – probably only a few. Thus, just drop 10 million on an influential crook in each of these organizations, and you have it.
      Change 1.5 million Republican votes to Dems and you got it. Soros or Putin anyone?

      • TEXAS JIM says:


  4. whorefinder says:

    Wow, whiskey. I’m impressed and dazed.

    Pretty much NO ONE on the right-spehere has said this. Most (including myself) have bought the notion that America is lost, the people have voted themselves the treasury to destroy, how the economy, the welfare state has one and will destroy us, etc.

    Your argument, however, has made me question all that.

    But who could expose this all? A CIA director….like Petraus, who has now mysteriously resigned? Or a righty so good at delivering exposes, yet can also twist and play the lefty media and force them to report it…like Andrew Breitbart, who mysteriously died this spring just before he promised to start “vetting” Obama?

    I believed America was lost. But I thought it was from ignorance and the desire to soak whitey for all he’s worth. Not from Chicago politics and murder.

    How could we prove this? And how could we expose this?

    • The thing about criminal conspiracies is that there’s always a guy who gets into trouble and needs help/leniency from the law. Here the problem is that Obama IS the law, but there’s always people who want money. So to expose Obama you’d need to find several guys, who need money, and kept evidence (e-mails, spreadsheets, the like) and simply publish abroad.

      Ebooks offer the venue, to keep costs low and prevent seizure at printers or at entry into the country. Simply exposing the fraud is not enough though, most people don’t care. Only by making the connection to the fraud and their own misery, by a massive, ground up social movement, will that happen.

      HOWEVER, that is unlikely to take place until the very end, and its likely to be Golden Dawn-ish, not the moderate reforms of a Mitt Romney. Rather, hyperviolent, hyper-ethnic/racial, the exact mirror of the New Black Panthers.

  5. sydney carton says:

    Rich “conservatives” have no interest in restoring the Republic whiskey, they’ll all take off to Astana when the time comes. So they certainly won’t part with cash to steal elections on behalf of the bitter clingers. Democrats fight and steal because they WANT victory, they are full of religious fervor and hungry for a communist revolution, they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. In fairness you’d have to admire how they’ve achieved near total victory.

    Conservatives are too busy trying to hide their traditionalist instincts and like Peter denying their God. Conservatives have lost because they didn’t love America/God/Truth as much as the Democrats hated America/God/Truth.

    No, it’s a two horse race now, the marxist conquest of America and the islamic conquest of Europe. Then the ultimate smackdown between evil and evil.

  6. Ivar says:

    The good news is that on-the-books Federal debt is going up about a trillion every six months (200 billion in the last 31 day reporting period). Next year it will be a trillion every three months. The Establishment is going to get a remedial lesson in the Law of Exponents.
    On top of that, many white folks are now taking their first agonizing steps toward racial consciousness. Things are looking up.

    • whorefinder says:

      The good news is that on-the-books Federal debt is going up about a trillion every six months (200 billion in the last 31 day reporting period). Next year it will be a trillion every three months. The Establishment is going to get a remedial lesson in the Law of Exponents.

      —-You can’t vote away math and statistics, no matter how much you call them racist.

  7. Whiskey, the contraction of “it is” is spelled “it’s” not “its.”


    I’m linking this compelling post. Plausible, I’d say: if they can get away with the birth certificate and building 7, they can do what you’re saying they did here.


    – Arturo

  8. Eastside School says:

    Whisky, your most historic post needs to be flawless. For this:

    “This is not anything you can find elsewhere, by the way.”

    I think you actually meant:

    “This is not anything you can’t find elsewhere, by the way.”, or less awkwardly, “this is not anything you can’t find in a thousand places on the web”.

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